The real stars of the company are its employees.

StreamAMP has an array of talented, experienced and ambitious team members spanning all areas of expertise.
We’re made up of people from a variety of places, who speak many different languages.
This unique blend of skills and perspectives enables us to always create innovative advertising solutions for your website.

Matthew Whaley, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Matthew Whaley

Olly Aulakh, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Olly Aulakh

Sam Hyam, Director of Ad Operations

Sam Hyam

Josh Nicholls, Head of Mobile

Josh Nicholls

Joe Williams, Publisher Solutions

Joe Williams

Tom Campbell, Publisher Solutions

Tom Campbell

Vik Bassi, Publisher Development Manager

Vik Bassi

Veronika Marchuk, Account Manager

Veronika Marchuk

Andrew Smith, Salesforce Administrator

Andrew Smith

Joanne Whaley, Finance and Administrative Manager

Joanne Whaley

Connor Lynott, Ad Operations Specialist

Connor Lynott

Jamie Chandler, Integreation Engineer

Jamie Chandler

Paulo Andrade, Developer

Paulo Andrade

Sujatha Raman, Team Lead

Sujatha Raman

Khathijathul Sahana, Advertising Operations Specialist

Khathijathul Sahana

Kanchana Sivakumar, Programmatic Advertising Technician

Kanchana Sivakumar

Komal Sharma, Data Analyst

Komal Sharma

Reshma Mohammed, Business Support Executive

Reshma Mohammed

We guarantee brand safety and the level of service with the ultimate aim of increased revenues.